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Apply to be a member of the Healthy Ageing Collaborative

For non-State actors: before you begin

Thank you very much for your interest in applying to be a member of the Healthy Ageing Collaborative!
Before continuing, please ensure you have read through the Healthy Ageing Collaborative webpage, including descriptions of membership criteria and roles.
The Healthy Ageing Collaborative's Terms of Reference can be downloaded here (PDF).
You will need to provide an unaltered and signed disclosure and declaration of links with tobacco, arms and other industries document in this application. You can download this document here (PDF).
You may also wish to look through WHO's Handbook for non-State actors to familiarise yourself with the terms used in this application form.
Please also make sure you have looked through this form's questions and prepared your responses and materials in advance. This form will attempt to save partial responses as much as possible, but you may wish to keep a copy in the unlikely event your submission is interrupted.
You can download a copy of the full application form here (PDF).